-Contra las cuerdas

why did I make this piece:

(On the ropes)

Duo for electric cello and cellist who dances with the violoncello and with the case of the violoncello and on the contrary.

I play violoncello against the world. I dance against the words, that so many times have left me in the stockade. If I haven´t been against something it is that I haven´t tried to understand it. I play in self-defense, with real ammunition. A-D-G-C and I crash my body against those four strings. My body. The breath. The children playing in the park. The public transport. Everything is violoncello.

Concept, choreography, music, software design, objets and performer: david fernández.
Produced by david fernández.
Premiered in Barcelona (Spain) in 2009

Duration: 21 minutes.