No se calle el silencio (2011)
Music for a while / shall all your pains beguile’. This way begins “Music for a while”, of Henry Purcell (1659-1695). Silence belongs to animal kingdom, it´s not human. We have fucked it in the most beautiful ways imaginable. (The cow says: nor mú).

(des)Variaciones Goldberg (2010)
Rossy de palma and david fernández face together 30 variations about the relationship between art and power on 2.000 kg. of salt.

AfterForever (2010)
There will be a raffle among the audience who decide to participate, david fernandez will undertake to maintain a lifelong relationship with the person gracefully.

Heart and mouth and deeds and living (2008)
Killing your father must be a real pisser when your father is Bach. Through a narrative structure composed by different technological elements present in everyday life (screens, remote controls, video games, etc.), Benhard Bach talks to us about music, his anxiety, his rage and his father. Just like David Fernández, but david is the son of Bruno (his father acted this character in a very know 80’s television series called Verano Azul), not of Bach.

Contra las cuerdas (2009)
Duo for electric cello and cellist who dances with the violoncello and with the case of the violoncello and on the contrary.

2m2 (Alegory in which you fuck me off with 1.000 candles) (2009)
The surface of our skin are approximately 2 square meters. Action pertaining to the project No pain No fun.

No pain No fun (2008)
Different actions on the body around the physical pain as an element that questions fiction on the scene, the sense of beauty and that proposes body as scene and material of work. A body talks about a fun pain that is opposed to that transcendental.

Here it should be the fucking title of the play (2008)
Here it should be a brief description of the show.

Russian danze (2006)
A small study about the physical pain and its relationship to dance. Dedicated to the Russian cellist Mtslav Rostropovich.

iMpOsiBles# project (2006)
¿What would it happen if a space would have a dream, a nightmare?

With no coberage (2007)
Improvisation for mobile phone, laptop and dancer who speaks.

7 suicides of a cat (2005)
7 improvisations, each one of them a small suicide.