-Heart and mouth and deeds and living

why did I make this piece:

Bernhard Bach – 6th son of J. S.Bach – died of disgust at the age of just 24 years. Fleeing from the unbearable shadow of his father and his programmed life as an organ virtuoso, he left behind numerous debts and an ashamed father (a tough letter by J. S. Bach about him is evidence of this). Killing your father must be a real pisser when your father is Bach.
Through a narrative structure composed by different technological elements present
in everyday life (screens, remote controls, video games, etc.), Benhard Bach talks to
us about music, his anxiety, his rage and his father. Just like David Fernández, but David is the son of Bruno (his father acted this character in a very know 80’s television series called Verano Azul), not of Bach.

“I use theatre as a space for communication, building my discourse with the elements
that surround me. I use them. I take advantage of them but I owe nothing
to culture. Nothing. I do to Bach. I owe him everything. But Bach is not culture. Bach is a bear.”

— Especial price “most innovative piece” Huesca International Fair 2009 —

Texts, leds and Max/MSP programming leds, music, lighting, dramaturgy and performer: david fernández.
Technician and stage asistant: Michael Fernández.
Música J. S. Bach: Passacaglia & Fuga BWV 582, canon triplex BWV 1087 y Aria Cantata BWV 51,.
Produced by david fernández.
Premiered in Valencia (Spain) february 2008



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