why did I make this project:

The project iMpOsiBles# proposes to generate, from a concrete space, an impossible and unreal world that reveals some aspects of the identity of that space; disguising it, from within towards outside, of histories (characters, objects, texts, etc.) that from it arises. I use to include all the scenic disciplines that I work with; dance, theater, music, creation of objects, space and improvisation. But it will be each space itself that will finally determine the formal character of each piece and the predominance of one or another discipline.

First performance at ELDORADO in Castilla la Mancha in 2005 (iMpOsiBles#9),and also #8 at “Danza en Los Veranos de la Villa” in Madrid in 2006.
Direction and produced by david fernández
Starring Ayako Kishi, Gretel Stuyck, Marina Barba, Lorenza Di Calogero, Marina Barba, Nines Martín, Ricardo Santana, Jorge R.Escudero, Kina Marull y Almudena Vernhes.
Duration: (#9 an #8 had an aproximate duration of 50-60 minutes).