I began training as a dancer in Madrid at the age of 18, studying ballet with Carmen Roche and contemporary dance with Blanca Calvo, Francesc Bravo, Ana Buitrago, Wim Vandekeybus, Carmen Werner, Mónica Valenciano, etc., while discovering my other voice, the violoncello. During the first six years I worked to teach myself to play it, until I could study with maestros such as Rafael Ramos, the great Asier Polo and Michael K. Jones. Having trained as an actor for 4 years at J. C. Corazza’s studio, I have worked –among others– with Olga Mesa, Ramon Oller, Ara Malikian, Carmen Werner, Juan Domínguez, Dani Panullo, Teresa Nieto, Robert Lepage, La Ribot, Angélica Liddell, La Fura dels Baus, Cuqui Jerez and Calixto Bieito.

I’m very interested in last_daily-life technologies, building my own expression devices using smartphones, videogames, leds displays, personal computers…  I integrate them into my works, mainly programming with the software Max/msp, and also the software Logic, Ableton live, Modul8 and others.

In 2004 I began writing, directing, producing and distributing my own theatrical works, having presented at this time 15 different productions in Spain, France, Colombia, Venezuela, Ireland, Germany and Italy without subsidy or any private or official support.

Musically I form the one-person-string-quartet ecce cello, based on electric cello live looping technique. In this project i also do an intensive use of video-mapping technology, to become alive the case of my cello.

The theater I did was actually more than action, reaction! The immediate surrounding raises questions that I attempt to answer physically on the scene, exposing my self as much as possible, giving equal weight to what I have to say as to the form I’ll use to say it. I try the audience doesn’t leave unhurt, I try to transmit with an urgent and personal language a splendid desperation, full of vital and energetic pessimism.
Once i had said everything i had to say, i just quit doing theater.