-(des)Variaciones Goldberg (2010)

why did I make this work:

Count Keyserlingk has just died. Goldberg – his private harpsichord player – is now an orphan, he´s lost the only listener he had. It´s been told that Johann Sebastian Bach composed the famous “Goldberg Variations” to encourage the endless sleepless nights of Count Keyserlingk and that Goldberg used to play them all night on (deleted by the author). Now Goldberg runs, runs pursuing what he runs away from. Goldberg in German means “Gold Mountain”. Art and power could not sleep a wink one without the other.

Over 2,000 kg. of salt the author himself plays the role of Goldberg and Rossy de Palma that of Count Keyserlingk. Together they will face 30 variations on a theme – the relationship between art and power – inside a play in which fiction and reality are two sides of the same coin.

Direction, dramaturgy, video, stage and lights design: david fernandez
Texts: david fernandez and Rossy de Palma
Costumes desing: Rossy de Palma
Technician, production and lighting assistant: Michael Fernandez
Stage management and wardrobe: Helena Colmenar
Music: Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach
Produced by Co.david fernández
Total duration of the play: 85 minutes
Premiered in Spain, February 2010


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