Working for Biennale Amsterdam

I’m so happy, working the hole day preparing this.

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Dancing with my beloved tango partner. It’s been almost three years going everyday to take tango lessons, sometimes twice a day. But finally I’m starting to enjoy it and also to step properly. Here my first tango video!!

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Very intense two weeks

of rehearsals in Berlin with Maureen Lopez. Our performance is starting to get ready… although sometimes we get distracted by tango, and we end up trying new steps!! ahahahahahaah… I love to work with you baby… and I love to dance with you even more… one day, we will dance tango like monsters… by now… it doesn’t look bad att all!! Does it??


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Fucking Funkhaus!


Last sunday I played there. What a dream… but I could not be aware of what it meant to be inside this mythical animal’s stomach. Being there seated in the middle, huge silence, just your cello and you… shit… I didn’t enjoy it properly!!

I have to come back.

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No future Yes

NO_FUTURE_YES_ MAU REDES13 ©Jeronimo Alvarez.jpg


There I am with my beloved partner in crime. Working non stop to make this performance happen. Almost two years on it! The premiere getting closer.

Pict. Jeronimo Álvarez

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Cello angels!

Mela y Julia y David.JPG
Playing with Mela and Julia Bilat in Stuttgart and Würzburg with Stegreif! All sold out… Omg… Check new Mela’s website Do it!! Don’t miss it!!! She’s one of a kind. A monster of nature. I’m a lucky guy to be surrounded by these angels of the cello…

Juliaaaaa… will you teach me to play cello properly!? Pleaseeeee

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Bertram Burkert

Touring the south of Germany with beasts like my beloved Bertram… who adapts a piece of Rameau to the guitar, and takes your breath away forever. 

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My father when I was just 0,5 years. Sexy madafakaaaaaa

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Abel Selaocoe!!

No words

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Musical explosion

Provably these last weeks was the most intense musical time in my life. Sharing together with over 30 members Stegreif Orchester the premiere in Konzerthaus Berlin of #freebrahms, the most ambitious and trilling project we’ve done.

It was a complete success, and we keep learning and growing and enjoying the time we spend together… with almost no problems or weird stuff. So many projects I did with people, and even if we were six or ten… the problems and the conflicts were a pain in the ass… but we are around thirty five people on tour… and it feels so good! I mean… sharing flat with another five guys… and feeling like in school. I even miss them!! Long life to Stegreif!!

Ecce Konzerthaus Berlin Moritzesyot 2.jpg

Picture: Berlin Moritz Esyot

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Ruben Juarez

Another beast. My tango teacher just showed me this. This man is one of the few who could play bandoneon and sing like this. He played with the great traditional orchestras in the 60’s. Really touching and beautiful.

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Abel Selaocoe …the beast

DAvid abel y julia stegreif.jpg

With Abel Selaocoe and Julia Bilat, my new cello mates in Stegreif Orchester! This guy blowed my mind… Abel is a monster of nature, a black Marlon Brando of the cello-sex-machine. He’s able to bring together the essence of western classical music and the ancient African culture, respecting and honoring both. What a beast!!!!

Abel, Abel, Abel … Like a soldier with post traumatic stress syndrome… my whole being is totally shocked by his commitment and power on stage … He brings to the cello an earthquake, a crash of two high speed trains in opposite directions which can be heard from out space. He is an explosion of human culture which can’t be measured or explained, you have to experience it, to witness what humanity is capable to do as a species… Damned!! This man doesn’t really need an instrument, he is a self-contained expression device. He makes the word “culture” to have a meaning for me… just a few times in my life I saw this. He contains the destiled essence of two radically different cultures, and crashes them by will in front of an audience, with milimetrical precision, like the large hadron particle collider– to bring something totally new and unexpected. Bravoooooo!!!!

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Tomorrow we start a new production with Stegreif Orchester. I have been since day one in every project, it’s my joy to play with these guys… so each project I have to find out who my cello partner will be. For this production we will be three cellist… fireworks in my brain when I found out whom I am playing with. Shit! this guys play like god and they even have something to say, and say it loud!! Wow wow wow

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Rehearsing for next concert in Madrid

MOre info:

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