This picture with the Governing Mayor of Berlin is more than a symbol. It’s somehow the culmination of a great love, my love with this city of Berlin. It was 8 years ago that I came here with an only task and obsession: to make my music project becomMichael-Muller-and-ecce-cello-INSTA.jpge true. I had nothing to start with. So I decided to go everyday to the street to play my own music. No covers, no famous Vivaldi’s tunes. This way I could train my fingers and have thousand of ears in direct contact listening my stuff, and also I could make my living only with my music. To demonstrate to my self that I was willing to struggle for it. I’m not a genius or a gifted musician, this was the only way.

Yesterday I had the honor to be invited to the Rotes Rathaus (City Hall) and share the stage with the Mayor, the Minister for Science from U.K. and two distinguished scientists laureated in the Science Awards gala. They spoke about my work, and gave me the opportunity to play three of my pieces. W-T-F. I’m really thankful.

To reach the City Hall, I had to pass under a bridge in Alexanderplatz in which I played during years. Yesterday I told the mayor, that thanks that Berlin is flexible and opened allowing to play music in the streets, I could make my project g
row up until here. Playing in the street gave me a lot of freedom and independence. But it was fucking hard. You get a lot of shit with no filter, almost everyday. You become tough, and your self stem and the quality of your music goes downnnnn…

It was not three or four or five… I was seven long years playing in the streets until my project was strong enough and I convinced myself and others that there’s nothing like it.

It’s curious, 2018 the city of Berlin declared the “cello instrument of the year”. Somehow yesterday’s awards ceremony was for me something else, it was the weeding between Berlin and me, yesterday my girlfriend became my wife. I got married with the city of Berlin. Like all relationships it was tough and we had very bad moments, but our love won over adversity. I almost kissed the mayor in the mouth. 

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