The olimpic games of cello

I was in the left side of the stage, waiting for my performance. On stage a cello quartet playing, they were Matt Haimovich, Giovanni Sollima, Arnau Tomas and ReinhMisha Maisky y David Fernandez.jpgard Latzko. Some of the greatest masters in cello playing, globally respected figures of music… And there was me, a simple mortal who didn’t even finish basic studies in school. But I had worked so much, that I was not nervous. Also I had Misha Maisky with me in my ipads, so I was not alone. They finish —the stage simulates a big cafe— and they take a seat around, the sound of one thousand people clapping announces my time has come… the production team places a platform with my electric cello in the middle of that huge stage. I could say that all my life was meant to end up there, but I feel like it’s normal, I got the power, it’s my time to enjoy. I know the audience is demanding, they know all cello repertoire. Also everywhere around me are renowned cellists. How did actually manage to even put one foot after another until I reached my cello??

I respect and adore those masters. I recognize with no doubt that my skills and mastering of the cello is light-years away from their. They were touched by the hand of god. I was touched by the hand of a monkey. But somehow thanks to my passion and devotion for this instrument and because of my personal approach to it, I end up in among them. Seeing my name together with those living legends and masters of the cello is for me like for a lonely african runner being in the Olimpic Games with Usain Bolt by his side. Oh la la!!

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