Where are you, little star?

Gde ty, zvjozdochka, akh, gde ty, jasnaja?
Il’ zatmilasja tuchej mrachnoju?
Gde ty, devica, gde ty, krasnaja?
Il’ pokinula druga milogo?
I ja s goresti, so ljutoj toski,
Pojdu vo pole, pole chistoje,
Ne uvizhu li jasnoj zvezdochki,
Ja ne vstrechu li krasnoj devicy?
Tucha chjornaja skryla zvjozdochku,
Zemlja khladnaja vzjala devicu.

Where are you, little star, oh where are you, my bright one?
Have you gone behind a gloomy cloud?
Where are you, fair maiden, where are you, my fair one?
Have you forsaken your beloved?
And so with woe and cruel pain,
I shall go out into the field, the open field,
Will I not see there my little bright star?
Will I not encounter there my fair young maid?
A black cloud has hidden my little star,
The cold earth has taken my fair maid.

Mussorsky composed this song when he was 18. Christoff sings it like no one. How many hundred times I listened to this song… Where are you, little star??

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