Musical explosion

Provably these last weeks was the most intense musical time in my life. Sharing together with over 30 members Stegreif Orchester the premiere in Konzerthaus Berlin of #freebrahms, the most ambitious and trilling project we’ve done.

It was a complete success, and we keep learning and growing and enjoying the time we spend together… with almost no problems or weird stuff. So many projects I did with people, and even if we were six or ten… the problems and the conflicts were a pain in the ass… but we are around thirty five people on tour… and it feels so good! I mean… sharing flat with another five guys… and feeling like in school. I even miss them!! Long life to Stegreif!!

Ecce Konzerthaus Berlin Moritzesyot 2.jpg

Picture: Berlin Moritz Esyot

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1 Response to Musical explosion

  1. gonzalo benavides says:

    David Fernandez, great artist there where he dazzles and surprised by his versatility as an instrumentalist and performance. my admiration and applause for a great artist and creator. Congratulations

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