Ecce cello live in Hamburg, struggling advertisement constipation!

This gig was one of the toughest I’ve ever faced. A huge theater filled with people from advertisement industry, together in stage with some of the leading gurus… I had to say it, and I had to say it loud: advertisement industry is a monster… but the organizers kindly asked me not to speak. So I decided I would use their own tools, their own voice (literally) to articulate my own speech.

I had nightmares and I felt so very insecure, I didn’t know if they were going to kick my ass out of there. Resting just hours before the performance in my huge suite with jacuzzi I almost ran away from Hamburg, but I had to do my task (I must admit I called my mother 3 hours before the performance, to make the final video… so tender…) Finally they acclaimed and loved my shit. My success was my biggest fail. I went phagocytosed. Alles klar.

Btw, I want to thank Franziska Nuremberg, after all they are people, and they were very nice doing their work. Me too.

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