My uncle

has been visiting me in Berlin. We didn’t spend so much time together for years. Carlos was a dancer. When I was young and I decided to be a dancer (I remember saying to my mother at the kitchen “mom, I want to be a dancer”) the fact that my uncle had done it before, it was so inspiring for me. When my mom kicked me out home, he also let me stay at his small place, he had some great books, “La rebelión de las masas” from Spanish thinker Ortega y Gasset let a big print on me. Now he is 55 and hadn’t succeeded in life, he is a little looser, giving cheap yoga lessons and struggling to just go ahead one more month, he is not an example to follow anymore. He has the same anger I have inside of me, that one that has taken me wherever I wanted to go… but he says his body doesn’t resist it anymore, he’s got ulcer and several other stress issues, I can’t blame him. But he is the only person in my family with who I can keep a conversation longer than 10 minutes, I’ll miss you lovely looser!!!

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