dilletants also feel true love

last week i learned to play la livri of rameau, the piece for which i started playing harpsichord… for someone like me, who never even took a piano lesson, to undertake to play these music pieces –which i am so in love to–, is like… like… if you could spend one night with the most beautiful girl you see in the street (with their consent and approval, of course).

this week i started learning rameau’s gavotte et doubles, one of the most simply sad and beautiful music pieces of the universe …i just saw her passing by, the gavotte was dressed with a plain t-shirt, that would let you intuit her nipples, bristling because of a slight cold draft. i just put my sad face, like “poor me, i don’t dare to say hello”. then she seated by my side, just pointing north with her hard nipples… like a compass that points the way forward. i followed her to the end of the world, that turned to be her apartment, and there we made doubles during the hole week-end-of-the-world.

this music really makes me feel loved. loved for beautifulness.

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