The song that thought it was never to be sung

this song thought it self that it was never ever going to be played or sung. that was a certainty for it. but then, as it gets aware, meanwhile it’s being singed in front of an audience for the first time, that it’s actually being played, omg, the song moans:

is for real, you are singing me for real?

being finally sung should be cause of joy, but the song is meant to be played only once, so as it starts, it realizes it has only 9 minutes of life, being alive means to be dying. that’s why this song is so sad. ahá. qué bonito y qué triste david, hijo mío…

it’s just a rehearsal i recorded at home…

here you can download it safely (there’s a small “download” in the left). enjoy!

i composed and performed this song for 2015 The saddest song in the world contest at roten salon`s volksbuhne in berlin. it was performed once, the song won the contest, then it died, in front of a crowded venue… like in a Roman circus, devoured by the monster of one-thousand heads that is the audience.

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