i am finally finishing the mixing of my new cd. i use the software logic. it takes me long hours and days of minimalistic work to correct with the computer all the mistakes i did in the recording sessions… i love music, but i am not a good musician (i know it, because i love music so much to not realize…).
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 22.05.31

everybody says that the final sound quality of logic is a crap, so next time i will try cubase or protools. it’s been more than one year doing this cd.  i just want to finish it!! this music already belongs to someone else, i want to go to new territories now. but i always like to finish what i start (that’s a lie, how many times i tried to read “on love” by sthendal, with all that “chrystallization” bullshit?? …i never finish it. no way man.)

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