mail ted berlin

this is the mail i have sent to my contacts in berlin:

dear all,

this next saturday 7th i will give a conference on ecce cello at TEDxBerlin, and will play in front of one thousand people! wau… i am so… nervous. 3 years ago i quick with my theatrical career, because i wanted to fulfill a dream: to compose and play my own music for cello (after 17 years of cello affair it was time!). then i decided i had to force my self to see if i was truly willing to make it. to prove it to my self, also to the others. i decided to play in the streets every single day, then i came to berlin. a great city to make ” impossible-you-say-hard-to-believe” things.3 years of streets are quite hard, they lower your self esteem and the quality of music. but they have bring me the proof i needed, also it has strengthen my music and my playing (hundreds of playing hours!), and has put my inner world in contact with the outside world. it brings as well a good money, that’s truth… but i never played the albinioni’s adagio, i swear! just my music.

now i feel prepared to leave the streets slowly, and take my music where it belongs to. i knocked TED’s door, and they opened side to side. not even a question. all means at my disposal. i want to thank them! and also thank all of you who approached these past years to buy a cd, ask for info or just to say a few good words. thank you so much.

i would also like to un-thank many of the bars i went to play this time in berlin. they received me almost always as an intruder, a foreign. they offer no technical resources, no incomings, but counted times i have heard the words “thank you”. special un-thanks to mark from sowieso, i premiered there my ecce cello show, and he made me feel insecure, weak and even miserable. but i did survive.

i am aware that TED is an elitist organization, that promotes optimistic approaches to soft-capitalism. but i swear i have never had such a liberty of speech. and sometimes it’s nice dancing with wolves. specially when you put the music!!

thank you once more.

best regards.


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